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GEW South Africa Kicks off A New Chapter

Each year, I travel to as many countries as possible during Global Entrepreneurship Week — speaking at events to emphasize the importance of the democratization of entrepreneurship and in building one global ecosystem. This year, I began my tour in Johannesburg, South Africa, which will host our annual Global Entrepreneurship Congress for the first time on the Africa continent in March 2017.

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Beyond the World Cup: A Diamond for Growth

Spain’s victory yesterday in the World Cup in Johannesburg marks the conclusion to an exciting competition. However, with the media pointing to some of the dashed economic expectations among South Africans these past few weeks, I decided to inquire a little more into the entrepreneurial part of South Africa’s economic development equation which led me to uncover some important trends and opportunities suggesting that the country might be well on its way to achieving the goal set forth by the country’s new president, Jacob Zuma, to create 4 million new jobs by 2014. Continue reading

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