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Promises and Challenges of Digital Disruption

One of the great drivers of innovation today is the promise of digital disruption of complex and regulated industries. Digital disruption is not only behind the public sector’s move toward open government and open data, but is also the rise of civic-centered startups that are changing the rules of the game for traditional industries. It is time for a new wave of policymaking that anticipates a whole new set of issues for policymakers.

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Early Adaptors Cameron, Obama Leave Startup Legacy

Before they each took office (Barack Obama in January 2009 and David Cameron in May 2010), the implementation of policies thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of new and young firms was far from the agendas of any heads of state. Obama and Cameron nevertheless adopted a new, dedicated approach to spurring new startups that was independent of their nations’ traditional package of programs and policies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In short, they designed new policy instruments to specifically target new and young businesses.

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Entrepreneurs in the Post-Brexit World

It is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Britain. While Brexit brings plenty of headaches for political leaders, resetting the rulebook opens new doors and brings fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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Measuring Presidential Agendas, Mapping the Future of Entrepreneurship Policy

Of course, both major United States presidential candidate contenders — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — have said they will create more jobs in the United States by supporting entrepreneurs. Having just discussed in this blog some of President Barack Obama’s accomplishments to this end, it is time to look forward into what details we know so far as to the presidential candidates’ agendas to help entrepreneurs form and scale new firms.

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Global Leadership for Entrepreneurship

While the notion that you must be in Silicon Valley to be a successful startup is thankfully less common these days, all eyes were on the region last week, and for a very good reason. U.S. President Barack Obama gathered more than 1000 international entrepreneurs and investors at Stanford University for a landmark summit that included some of the biggest founder brands in the space.

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