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Month: June 2016

Global Leadership for Entrepreneurship

While the notion that you must be in Silicon Valley to be a successful startup is thankfully less common these days, all eyes were on the region last week, and for a very good reason. U.S. President Barack Obama gathered more than 1000 international entrepreneurs and investors at Stanford University for a landmark summit that included some of the biggest founder brands in the space.

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Decision 2016: Don’t Forget Entrepreneurs

I am proud to have served on the Steering Committee for President Barack Obama’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit happening this week in Silicon Valley. Given this is likely the last “entrepreneurship summit” for this President – and with a big decision looming this November on his replacement – we thought it worth taking a step back for a quick look at the role of governments and policymakers in enabling a flourishing entrepreneurial climate.

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DC’s Disruption in Highly Regulated Industries

Politics and regulations, not startups, used to define the image of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. But not anymore.

According to metropolitan data released this month in the 2016 Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship, while the “usual suspects” for growth, such as Boston and San Francisco, performed very well when benchmarked against the national average, Washington, D.C. was the top performer. So what distinguishes the nation’s capital among the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the United States?

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Thinking Forward and the Gig Economy

It is easy for all of us to see that work has changed dramatically over the last decade. We have been told for years we will have more jobs in our lifetime than those before us and we all know younger individuals will likely explore more career paths before settling on any one option. I recently joined a panel discussion about “The Workforce of the Future” at Bloomberg Government in Washington, D.C., that yielded what was for me an even more interesting dimension of this for entrepreneurs – the onset of the “gig-economy.”

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