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Month: March 2015

Obama Announces July Trip to Kenya to Talk Entrepreneurship

This morning, President Barack Obama announced he will travel to Kenya in July to lead his annual entrepreneurship summit. Leading up to the event, I will invite comments on possible policy themes the President might address as leaders from around the world look for more precise and impactful measures for increasing rates of new firm formation back home. Today, I pick up a theme from the recent Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan – the importance of women entrepreneurs to economic growth whether in an African village or in the Valley.

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Global Entrepreneurship Congress Comes to a Close

It is a fairly common refrain that “entrepreneurship is messy.” Why? Because one size does not fit all and there is no magic formula that will deliver guaranteed success. You have to work for it. You have to be nimble and adapt to your environment along with the challenges it presents. Last week’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress reminded us of this—from entrepreneurs sharing stories of repeated failures before pivoting toward success to policymakers searching for an elusive roadmap to strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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Addressing the Demand for Better Entrepreneurship Research

The Global Entrepreneurship Research Network held its annual meeting today in Milan to examine fundamental questions about fostering entrepreneurship, share research findings, and develop new joint research initiatives.

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Making Ministers One of Us

Amid all the political angst among nations on the front pages of our newspapers, economic policymaking is enjoying a peaceful period. Ahead of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan, we look at some of the efforts among governments to listen and learn in a mutual effort to grow economies.

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