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Month: December 2014

It’s a Wrap: 2014 Sees Rapid Growth in Demand for Better Research and Policy

The past year has brought a number of developments on the entrepreneurship research and policy front. Below are just a few of the highlights.

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Grassroots Manufacturing Renaissance Spurs Entrepreneurship

While most people have been busy adjusting education to the digital economy, some refuse to discard manufacturing as an economic engine and a skill – all without turning a blind eye to the global competitive landscape. The idea from its most vocal advocates in the United States – Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty – was to resuscitate the innovative and creative spirit that drives competitiveness in making solutions.

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Bringing Together the “Tucked” and “Untucked” Shirts

Each year, Global Entrepreneurship Week brings new insights and learnings for those of us trying to better understand entrepreneurialism and how policymakers can best foster it. This year, we closed with a view of the value it brings to orderly governments witnessing the productivity of a creative and messy class of entrepreneurs.

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