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Month: October 2014

How Much Does Coding Literacy Matter?

Coding has become a “must” skill in a number of successful scale-ups as computer programmers operationalize the smooth and agile flow of information, making a plethora of solutions possible. Given its escalating role in bringing new economically viable businesses to life, what are we doing to better equip society and should policymakers escalate coding education as a new national priority?

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The Golden Years Are Here at Last

We all relish the optimistic curiosity and energy of young people testing ideas and exploring better ways of doing things. However, successful new ventures are invariably formed by teams that bring together not just disruptive thinkers, but experienced people with unique knowledge of their industry. In honor of my mother having turned 80 this year, I look today at the wise “third age” or “encore” entrepreneurs and how they are shifting the paradigm of “retirement” in our society.

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Smoothing the Path for New Firms: Are We In It for the Long Haul?

An increasing number of startup-savvy policymakers throughout the United States and around the world are racing to build better entrepreneurial ecosystems to create jobs and generate real economic growth — but real results don’t happen overnight. Serial entrepreneur, investor and startup community builder Brad Feld talks about startup community development being something that takes 20 years and requires a long-term commitment from community leaders. This presents a challenge for policymakers trying to sustain public support for measures they implement that have long-term horizons.

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