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Month: August 2014

Looking Back and Moving Ahead

Today marks the 600th edition of PDE News. For 600 weeks, we have blogged about different issues, geographic communities and constituencies within the world’s entrepreneurial ecosystems while discussing how smarter policies could make the path easier for the entrepreneurs they are trying to nurture. As PDE prepares to expand in the fall and to move to, we look back at ten of the most popular posts to date –my way of contributing to the thought leadership on these important questions.

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Paraguay Thirsty for 21st Century Education

A nation with a growing economy at the heart of South America is struggling to translate economic progress into development for its mostly young population. Ahead of the GEC2 in Croatia next month which will examine how tech entrepreneurs can globally accelerate improvements in education, I look at the factors holding back Paraguay’s young population as agents of prosperity and sustained economic growth.

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Young Entrepreneurs Rebranding Africa

President Obama’s summit last week with African leaders in Washington, D.C., when not distracted by the Ebola outbreak, focused as expected on investment opportunities for American businesses in the energy sector. And yet, it was clear the nature of our interface is changing forever on the continent where a new generation of African job creators and their startups are the driving phenomenon in Africa’s growth trajectory.

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Macedonia Places Its Bet on Entrepreneurship Education

My blog post last Monday on disrupting entrepreneurship education prompted several people to reach out to me with comments about progress being made in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (recognized officially by some as FYROM and others simply as Macedonia) – somewhere I had not previously viewed as bastion of entrepreneurship. As part of our ongoing discussions about the region leading up to the GEC2 in nearby Croatia, I decided to dig further into what Macedonia is trying to test for the Balkan region.

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