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Month: March 2014

Angel Investors Spread their Wings

Referred to as “mentor financing”, business angels continue to make great contributions to startups. Last week, I talked with some of them in Washington, DC, about the latest trends in angel investor pools outside the United States. Encouraged by improving policy frameworks, I found that they are now spreading their wisdom and seed capital to new parts of the world.

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National Boundaries are Porous for Global Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur, writer and academic Vivek Wadhwa, known for his work at Singularity University and writing on high skilled immigration, said it best in Moscow when he said “we don’t need governments to solve our problems anymore; we have entrepreneurs for that”.

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Latin American Startup Champions Gear Up for Moscow Gathering


Of the nearly 4,000 delegates from 153 nations signed up for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) next week in Moscow, a large number are traveling from Latin America. The region’s startup ecosystems are now firmly part of the global entrepreneurship grid and with such strong delegations expected from cities like Medellín, Santiago and Buenos Aires, it is clear they don’t want there to be any doubt around the world about it. Continue reading

Uzbekistan’s Post-Soviet Rebranding

uzbekistan parliament
Turmoil in Ukraine prompted me to take a look at the entrepreneurial health of some other post-Soviet nations in the region. This week, we take a look at Uzbekistan.

Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, reflects the many stages of economic history the country has undergone. Modern buildings are juxtaposed along historic ones with Islamic and Central Asian designs or Soviet-style apartment blocks.
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