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Month: January 2014

Italian Resolve


This week, I am on the ground in Italy where startup savvy policymakers are experimenting with new policies as fast as their startups are testing disruptive ideas. Both are racing in tandem to restore sustained economic growth to the Italian economy.

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Washington Wants to Reorganize to Serve Entrepreneurs

New legislation introduced this month in the Senate could turn what was anticipated to be a sleepy start on Capitol Hill for entrepreneurship advocates into a fresh look at how Washington, DC, helps entrepreneurs and new firms.

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In 2014, Cities Take the Lead


While we are seeing more attention to addressing the paucity of useful national entrepreneurship data globally, efforts to develop comparable city-level information have been less of a focus with only a handful of global city rankings. How are city leaders now moving beyond dated “cluster and technology park” thinking to appeal to entrepreneurs and investors?

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