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Month: November 2013

The Globalization of the Startup Movement


As another November fades into our rearview mirror, we are again reminded that the phenomenon of entrepreneurship is not something that belongs to any one particular community or country. Economies that have been historically less supportive of capitalism—like Venezuela or Iran—are seeing the rise of strong entrepreneur-led startup communities. And equally as important, those communities are bolstered by increasing support from policymakers, academics, investors, media and other startup champions.

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The Work of Global Entrepreneurship Week Continues


The work to support entrepreneurs continues and it reaches a high point this week as Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) launches today in 140 countries with more than 7.5 million participants involved. Thousands of brand new startups are taking their first step this week, while others are driving their next growth phase.

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The Next Frontier in the Entrepreneurship: Policy and Program Evaluation

Over the past decade, in developing and growing Global Entrepreneurship Week on behalf of the Kauffman Foundation, I have traveled to all corners of the planet, meeting entrepreneurship stakeholders in nearly 100 countries in the search for best practices and innovative approaches to building stronger start-up ecosystems.

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President Obama, King Mohammed… and Startups in Morocco


Next week, King Mohammed VI of Morocco is visiting President Obama in Washington, DC, on the heels of an announcement that his Majesty’s government will convene an entrepreneurship summit in 2014 with the U.S. Government. Morocco has much to gain from its new partnership with the United States around startups.

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A Free Flow of Goods and Services – and Founders

A_Free Flow_Goods_Services_Founders

Holding an American and British passport, I enjoy the freedom to move easily among economies which is important given that I am now involved in advancing entrepreneurship in 140 countries.  As APEC gets ready to complete the rollout of its APEC travel card and other regions outside the European Community develop single visa plans, I wonder how easy it is for current and aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to get around.  Is it indeed getting better?

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