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Month: August 2013

The Right Rules and Incentives


Entrepreneurs start and grow companies in spite of government. But Chris Schroeder’s new book Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East reveals a quiet, unnoticed uprising in the midst of front page uncertainty surrounding the region after the Arab Spring. The entrepreneurs leading the revolution illustrated in his book have not been waiting for government direction and resources. To the contrary, they have become the leaders.

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A Message from Taipei


Today I am opening the APEC Start-Up Accelerator Leadership Summit here in Taipei. The summit is challenging 30 startups along with 200 top executives and officials from the APEC region to re-think past assumptions about how the public and private sectors can collaborate to build sustainable startup ecosystems in the region.

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Scaling Up Female Entrepreneurship


America needs all the talent it can get at home to spur job creation and economic growth. Recently, we have given a lot of attention to the untapped potential of immigrant entrepreneurs. Today, I take a look at other data and ask what we can do to enable more women in America to achieve their full potential as entrepreneurs.

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