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Month: June 2013

Policy Wonks and Young Entrepreneurs


As economic recovery indicators fell flat last week, the leaders of G20 nations held meetings in Russia. Entrepreneurs were present and armed with a two reports from a couple of “Big 4” heavyweights to help them deliver their message — “Help us help you stimulate job creation.” We take a look this week at some of the highlights of what the authors had to say.

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Entrepreneurs Will Reset Relations with Russia


Spending a few days in Moscow last week where I spoke at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance Summit, I found a dynamic and outward facing city with startup communities as vibrant as any in Europe. I check on things in Russia on the eve of this Thursday’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and on the heels of an announcement yesterday that Russia will convene the next Global Entrepreneurship Congress (March 17-20, 2014) only a few yards from the entrance to the Kremlin in the historic Moscow Manege.

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Searching for Momentum in the Dominican Republic


The most successful economic periods in the Dominican Republic have been fueled in the past by growth in tourism, telecommunications and maquiladora manufacturing but a handful of entrepreneurs are working to add new pioneers across all economic sectors.  As part of my recent series on Latin America, we take a quick look at developments from the Dominican Republic.

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Guatemala’s New Starts Imperative for Central America


Guatemala’s economic history has been defined by corruption, instability and broad social inequality. In that context, Rigoberta Menchu received the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize for her work in promoting indigenous rights in the country. There are now other unnoticed social changers: entrepreneurs who see hope in technology as a tool to overcome social divides, as one local entrepreneur told the New York Times.

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