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Month: May 2012

The G8 and Startup APEC

Despite more research and data from the World Bank and OECD, while plenty of attention has been given to “SMEs” in the past, multinational governmentgatherings have largely ignored the importance of stimulating new high-impact startups as a prime global economic growth strategy. This needs to change.

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Can Costa Rica Catch Up with Chile?

Last November, Costa Rica joined the global movement to unleash startups by celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). The response surprised its local champions. Costa Rica´s host, Yo Emprendedor, managed to get strong support from 28 key partners from across the private, public, NGO and education sectors—including the Ministry of the Economy, the largest media group in the country and angel investors.

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An Entrepreneurial Approach to Your Health Care

One of the prime reasons I founded the Public Forum Institute was a strong belief in the role ordinary citizens can play in addressing chronic stalemates on vital national policy issues. After moderating hundreds of congressionally-chaired health policy forums over the years, I conclude it will be other developments outside of top-down reform that drive improvements in health care. It seems inevitable that with so many people’s income dependent on our health care industry, even the most well-meaning politicians face a never-ending path of discourse in their efforts to improve health care without disrupting such a large chunk of the American economy. The revolution in consumer data may be just one of those new game changers.

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