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Month: April 2012

Globally Minded Lithuanian Startups Get Top Government Help

While the Baltic countries are small compared to their EU partners, they are said to have an outsized role in generating new start-ups, particularly through their big ideas in the tech sector. Today, we look at Lithuania, which has been campaigning aggressively through Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Baltics and has rapidly been gaining a place on the entrepreneurial map.

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Poland’s Regional Play

The Polish startup scene is looking increasingly vibrant. For some time now, technology blogs have been covering Polish startup expos, competitions and meetings such as Startup WeekendPitchRallyE-nnovation and Startup Fest that are happening with some regularity across major cities. And Poland was one of the first winners of a Global Entrepreneurship Week Award. Is Poland poised to take the lead in Eastern Europe?

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Start-Up Chile’s Global Footprint

As part of our ongoing discussion about the globalization of the startup movement, we look today at one nation’s strategy that appears to be very effective. Present at the recently concluded Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool were the leaders of Start-Up Chile, an almost two-year old initiative that has rapidly gained traction around the world. However, while it carries a similar name to other national initiatives around the globe, it has a very different approach.

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Romania’s Reach for the Future

The New York Times reported last October about Romania´s sparkling start-up scene and its pool of technology talent. Microsoft, Intel and Oracle have long seen this and invested here, working close to thousands of tech startups that breathe innovation into their companies. Although it ranks negatively (61st) in the Global Innovation Index which measures a government’s ability to encourage innovation through policy, it seems that Romania´s business culture is breaking the shackles of the communist regime that ruled until only two decades ago.

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The JOBS Act: How Business Should Get Done in Washington, DC

The JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act is one small step away from becoming law after its fast passage in Congress and President Obama has given reassurance that he will sign the bill when it gets to his desk this week (probably Thursday). The passage of the JOBS Act last Tuesday during a politically charged time is proof that entrepreneurship promotion is a bipartisan issue. As the clock moves relentlessly toward November, both sides of the aisle found common focus and set out to solve the entrepreneurial access to capital problem. The American public should be proud of how functional Washington was these past few weeks.

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