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Month: January 2012

A Global Race to Create the Best Startup Ecosystem

The recent announcement of Richard Branson, the world-famous entrepreneur best known for his Virgin brand empire and his passion for adventure sports, as theheadline speaker at the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Congress has generated a significant amount of attention and interest. Meanwhile behind the scenes, a broad cross-section of delegates are planning their trip to the Congress in Liverpool, looking to see what they can learn about fostering startup ecosystems that can accelerate their nation’s talent to introduce new disruptive ideas and firms that turn them into innovations that change lives and drive markets.

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New Beginnings in Belarus

As a lead up to the March 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Congress, I will spotlight here a handful of the 120 nations gathering in Liverpool to develop the best entrepreneurial ecosystems. Today we look at Belarus.

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Britain to Host Global Entrepreneurship Congress March 2012

The United Kingdom remains a fierce competitor in the global race to develop the best startup ecosystem in the world. As noted in previous posts, Prime Minister David Cameron is keen for an economic recovery led by new firm formation introducing both policies and initiatives like Startup Britain to accelerate efforts nationwide.

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A Year for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to 2012 – a year which, without any official proclamation, will likely be an excellent year for entrepreneurs. In so many respects, advocates in 2011 for startups and entrepreneurs could not have done better in setting up 2012. Better data, more relevant policy and legislation, streamlined programming and more widespread public support should give all reason to be optimistic that more people will take a risk, unleash an idea and make a job. And we should expect even more new developments that will shape even better entrepreneurship ecosystems across the world.

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