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Cameron’s Payroll Tax Holiday and the G20 Summit

I suggested in my blog following President Obama’sPresidential Summit on Entrepreneurship earlier this year that what we now need is for routine global ministerial level economic meetings to concentrate on policies that encourage the creation of new firms. As I depart Toronto where we have been gathering for the official G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit, I note at least one minister arriving having put his money where his mouth is for entrepreneurs – UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.
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Brazil’s Entrepreneurship Boom

Brazil is more than just the popular future host of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.  It is a very promising economy and the country of origin of many global challenger companies, such as Embraer, Marcopolo, and Natura. Economic analysts group the country with the most promising emerging markets, Russia, India and China, which together form the “BRIC countries.” Is entrepreneurship responsible for part of Brazil’s economic development? A look at some of the trends in entrepreneurship in Brazil suggests so, and the country’s efforts to boost its culture of innovation and entrepreneurship promise to sustain its growth in the coming years.
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A Voice for Young Entrepreneurs in G20 Meetings

This week on June 20-22, I will be speaking and participating at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit hosted by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. The event, recognized by the Canadian government as an official G20 event, will bring together delegations from leading entrepreneurship organizations from the G20 nations to identify and examine ways to boost youth entrepreneurship around the world. Continue reading

A U.S Capitol Thumbs up for…Early-Stage Capital

Washington has been busy on several fronts important to entrepreneurs these past few months.  One we must not forget to reflect on is the recent U.S. Senate approval of a bipartisan-sponsoredamendment to the financial reform bill that protects against creating new barriers for high-growth entrepreneurs seeking to raise angel capital. This “Angel Amendment” addressed two of the original provisions in the bill that had the potential of creating regulatory obstacles for entrepreneurs raising angel financing and weakening the pool of angel capital by reducing the number of accredited angel investors.  Continue reading

Congress Listens on Ways to Improve Commercialization Practices

Today, I attended the House Committee on Science and Technology’s Subcommittee on Research and Science Education a hearing titled “From the Lab Bench to the Marketplace: Improving Technology Transfer.” The representatives heard from experts on ways to approach the improvement of the process of transferring or commercializing knowledge and technology from academia to the private sector. The motivation: strengthening the global competitiveness of the United States.  Continue reading

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